Afolayan Daniel
2 min readJun 28, 2018


Sitting on my sofa,

The sky was full of dancing stars,

The sun playing hide and seek with the clouds

There sat I

Pondering about life,

Flipping back the pages in my life's book...

through my short life existence,

I asked myself this intriguing question

"what if I die today?"

Not of fear but of curiosity,

Not of hopelessness but of purposefulness,

Not of depression but of appraisal,

What if I die today?

All Men must die

…that's certainty…

but, no man knows the hour when death shall strike.

I am not afraid of the afterlife,

I am more concerned about what I might not achieve with my breath.

I have actually considered suicide so many times.

Those were dark times that felt like life wasn't fair to me.

when I was at the University,

When my grades were not hitting the right octave,

When I felt betrayed by a close friend

I rose up against those periods, I fought for life…

Ultimately, I chose life.

I don't want to die today,

I still have dreams to pursue,

I don't want to die today,

I have to give back to my parents who helped shape my life,

I don't want to die today as I still have a lot to accomplish.

Only God knows the last mile of the way,

Only Him knows when it's time to say Goodbye.

But, before I get to the last mile

before I do say goodbye,

I want to make sure my life is worth living,

I want to ensure that I have positively impacted lives,

I want my life to be an expression of kindness and care in the world.

What if I die today?

I have died so many times.

Everytime I gave up, everytime I lost, I actually died INSIDE

That is the greatest death

But I did get another chance to live again,

to dream again, to fight again

I won't waste this chance of living,

I am going to live it to the fullest

I'll keep challenging myself everyday, with the big question




Afolayan Daniel

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