Learnings From 2019 — (2): When God lifts you up, Rise up to the occasion

Afolayan Daniel
3 min readDec 11, 2019

Mid April this year, I was to speak at a summit organized by the wife of the Chief of Defence staff of the federation, Mrs. Omobolanle Olonisakin. The event was for some educators and technical staffs of the Defence forces in Nigeria.

Before I left for the airport (MMA), I stopped at one mama put to eat rice at underbridge because I was dead hungry, that’s even by the way lol. I got a call from the organizers that someone will come to pick me up at the airport. The person communicated with me normally as I was about to board and I felt it was a bloody civilian like me. Then as the plane landed, I called the so called driver and I said “how would I recognize you”, Baba replied “I’m a personnel of the Nigerian Army, I’m on camo, you’ll see me at the front of 2 green 406, we are here to pick you.

I got confused, soldiers came to pick me, in 406, with escort. Me, ọmọ iya Daniel. I was shivering as I sighted them. Soldiers collected my baggage and started using sir for me. They shook my one by one and said they were delighted to meet with me. I was speechless. They asked if I’d seen Aṣọ Rock before and I said no, they drove there, showed me other nice places before I was finally lodged in the Guest house at the defence house Abuja.

I couldn’t sleep in the hotel room. I didn’t understand everything that just happened. Me a bloody nobody some 2 hours ago at Lagos, suddenly became a special guest around military officers in Abuja.

The program was amazing and my session was fire, trust me. Then I ran out of the event center to go see my cousin. After sometime, the organizers called me to ask where I was, I said I’d left the Defence house and I’m currently with my sister at her house. He said that was bad as I’m a guest of the Nigerian army and I can’t go around without one of them with me. I told them not to worry and we resolved it somehow.

After that event, I learnt how to adapt to any elevation God’s grace allocates to me and savor it’s glory. I know I am remarkable and my father in heaven is Supreme. If you get promoted next year and you’re offered a bigger chair, better office, more security and all that, please, don’t feel shy at your new found glory, bask in the splendor and praise God for it.

And when you see me in my broad shoulder but dry chest rocking my senator (I love the white ones), in an event or situation where God has lifted me up, don’t just feel I’m being prideful, nah. I’m basking in His Glory, and you should just Holla at your boy if you can.



Afolayan Daniel

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