Learnings from 2020 — (1); Sometimes, Tomorrow never comes

Afolayan Daniel
3 min readDec 15, 2020

Friendship can sometimes be so weird as much as wonderful — especially for two Christians of different sexes. Like twinkling stars, their presence bring you light and happiness. Although, it does come with some awkwardness, attempts of trying to be careful, to define the limits and cage certain expressions and emotions.

On a late chilly night in July this year, a private message on Instagram with two emojis became the starting point of a great friendship in 2020 (I had the privilege of great friendships in 2020 and I’ll write about them later but this is about just one of them).

The starting point

Friendship with this person, (call her Lola), was like a journey to uncharted territory — an unmanned land. Like a forest devoid of vegetation and life, we sought to build and explore in our own likeness. Everyday, we got new doses of organic adrenaline rush, which pushed our hearts, in its reconnoitre, to wander off into woods and hedges, fraught with thorns and thistles.


Lost in the allure of the floral fragrance from the woody plain fields and sloppy curves of this unexplored land, we unanimously agreed to build a Tomorrow. A city with life and sounds of music, like Winterfell, with our wooden castle sitting atop warm springs surrounded with nature’s goodness.

Few months down the line, the storms came. Myself and Lola, didn’t agree on the little details of this Tomorrow. We drifted in pain as the storms came with floods that washed away the building blocks of our beautiful big TOMORROW. And yes, places don’t walk away, people do. We lowered our flag and left the rising city, unmanned.

A big lesson I learnt from this.

As humans, we are hardwired to hope. God made us to be optimistic by nature, to look for the good, and to expect things to improve. And in this hope, we imagine a TOMORROW, which might not be God’s TOMORROW because of a faulty foundation or wrong timing. Sometimes we have to enjoy the impact of somethings than their longevity.

Storms come, love fails and the castles we imagine with this TOMMOROW might never come.

Keep building, because, your imagined TOMMOROW might not come today, but tomorrow.

In 2021, remember that, Sometimes tomorrow never comes but you have to savor the memories of yesterday and blossom in the joy that today brings.



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